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Wie zijn wij
Waar zingen wij
Waar zongen wij
 De boots is weg
 Ons schip moet eerst nog ree
 Paddy lay back
 If I was a blackbird
 Lolo mi boto
 Mein schatz
 Valse Zeeman
 The water is wide
 In de haven
 Ballade von den Seeraubern
 Spreading my long wingfeathers
 Naar Iseland
 Blonde Arie
 Lied van de Zee
 Fiddlers Green
 Franse gaatje
 Santa Lucia
 In 't schipperskwartier

Paddy lay back

't Was a cold an' dreary mornin' in december. (december)
An' all of me money it wuz spent. (spent, spent)
Where it went to, Lord I can't remember. (remember)
So down to the shipping office went. (went, went)

 Paddy lay back. (Paddy lay back)
 Take in yer slack. (take in yer slack)
 Take a turn around yer capstan leave a pawl. (leave a pawl)
 Bout ship stations boys be handy. (be handy)
 Bound valla paraiser round the Horn.

That day there wuz a great demand for sailors. (sailors)
For the Colonies for Frisco and for France. (France, France)
So I shipped aboard a Lemey barque "The Hotspur" (The Hotspur)
Got paralytic drink on my advance. (my advance)


Now I joined her on a cold december mornin'. (mornin')
A frappin o' me flippers to keep me warm. (warm, warm)
With the south cone ahoisted as a warnin'. (warnin')
To stand by the comin' o' a storm. (storm, storm)


I wake up in the morning sick an' sore. (sohoor)
An' I knew I was outward bound again. (bound again)
When I heard a voice a bawling' at the door, (dohoor).
"Lay aft, men, an' answer to yer names. (names, names)