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 De boots is weg
 Ons schip moet eerst nog ree
 Paddy lay back
 If I was a blackbird
 Lolo mi boto
 Mein schatz
 Valse Zeeman
 The water is wide
 In de haven
 Ballade von den Seeraubern
 Spreading my long wingfeathers
 Naar Iseland
 Blonde Arie
 Lied van de Zee
 Fiddlers Green
 Franse gaatje
 Santa Lucia
 In 't schipperskwartier

If I was a blackbird

I am a young lassie and my story is sad
For once I was courted by a brave sailorlad
He courted me strongly by night and by day
But now he has left me and he went far away

 If I was a blackbird I'd whistle and sing
 And I'd follow the vessel my true love sails in
 And on the top rigging I will there build my nest
 And I'd flutter my wings on his lily-white breast

He promised to take me to Donnybrook Fair
To buy me red ribbons to tie up my hair
And when he'd return from the ocean so wide
He'd take me and make me his own loving bride


His parents they slight me and will not agree
That I and my sailorboy married should be
But when he comes home I will greet him with joy
And I'll take to my bosom my dear sailorboy